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Startups trust Torre to build their teams

Partner with Torre to structure, budget, build, and scale teams while defining and maintaining culture, speed, and growth.


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Alfonso Villalba

COO and Co-Founder of Kriptos

Trusts Torre to grow his seed-stage cybersecurity startup.

Find employees, freelancers, and interns

Hire for all types of roles and compensations with Torre.


Post a full-time, freelancing, or internship opening

Let Torre find and rank candidates for you.


Define and write job openings with your team

Increase efficiency by collaborating with key stakeholders and receiving their insights faster.


Get 10x more referrals

Referrals count for more than 55% of hires. Torre automates referrals for you.


Candidate-to-team matching

Understand how your candidates match their teams and your company culture from a broader perspective.


Tinder-like candidate reviewing and matching

Review the most-relevant candidates first and go through their bios faster with a redesigned candidate screening experience.


Automatic candidate screening

Set your own criteria and questions.


Automatic candidate ranking

Save time. You only have to review the best candidates.


Professional reputations that cut through the crap and everyone can trust

Professionals collate and display their relevant recommendations and experiences in a simple, elegant way.


Signals: a new way of telling others you’ll consider working with them

Get notified when they’re hiring or open to opportunities.


Quick, private messaging

Chat with candidates without divulging sensitive contact information, manage your candidate communications in real time.



Self-service tools for recruiting

Free for startups recruiting remote teams

Contact us for other teams

All-inclusive recruiting for remote teams. Other teams, contact us.

Starting at a 5% commissioning fee of annual salary

Available for all roles and budgets.

Custom solutions and services for recruiting.

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Sebastian Gallo


Inspired to make work fulfilling

As a professional, Maria Emma Torrenegra was discriminated against for being a woman. She is the inspiration behind Torre and our pursuit of fairness and equality for all.

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Humanity progresses when talent meets opportunity

Torre is building THE global platform that will enable everyone to find fulfilling professional opportunities easily.

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