Less paper-chase, more face-to-face.


Structured bios

Old-school résumés are way past their sell-by date. Review your candidates fast with an optimized view of qualifications and experiences.


Qualified candidates first

Recruiting is time-consuming. Review the best candidates first and expedite your hiring process with Torre Rank.


Pre-screening made easy

Often, the best candidates don't fit into a predetermined mold. Be as flexible as you want in determining the relevance of each job requirement.

A good ranking algorithm needs data. We’ll get it for you.

Structured bios, verified recommendations and experiences, plus a whole lot more data than any other platform out there.

 Integrate Torre with your
current hiring workflow.


Connect your sourcing strategy and your current ATS, or get an all-in-one solution.


People should be able to find fulfilling professional opportunities easily.

We're building THE global talent-to-opportunity matching platform.

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